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The Ironheart Crown has reached its current level of excellence through the support of Chicago's local Mixed Marital Arts community. The local fighters have always been the backbone of our talent pool. The local schools have enthusiastically helped us in promoting our events. Even the individual students have been a major factor in our success, serving as our primary audience for years.

The local MMA community allowed us to thrive when MMA was an underground sport. Now that the sport has exploded into mainstream culture, we would like to give something back to the people who supported us through the more difficult years. This is the purpose of the Ironheart Crown Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship.

The scholarship is a drawing which will be conducted once each year and awarded at our November show. A winner will be selected to receive a full year's worth of unlimited training at any of a number of participating MMA schools and training centers. After the winner is identified, he or she will select a location from our list of participating schools, and the tuition will be paid for by the Ironheart Crown.

For a listing of current participating training centers and MMA gyms, click HERE.

If you are a student of MMA and you would like to enter to win this year's MMA scholarship, click HERE.

If you represent an MMA school, gym, or training center, and you would like to participate in this program, please contact the promoters using the e-mail address below. Any school located within 60 miles of the city limits is eligible for participation in this program.