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The Ironheart Crown is governed by the rules of the sanctioning body. For many years, the Ironheart Crown was sanctioned by the International Shooto Commission based out of Tokyo, Japan. Matches held in a boxing ring will continue to be goverened by Shooto rules.

Click HERE to view the Shooto rules.

As of 2008, the Ironheart Crown has primarily been a cage-based event. Because the International Shooto Commission does not permit the use of a cage, cage matches are now sanctioned by Combat Consultants and governed by the Unified Rules of MMA. The Unified Rules were established by the New Jersey Athletic Commission in the year 2000 and have since been the gold standard for American MMA. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and all other major shows employ this same set of rules.

Click HERE to view the Unified Rules.

In addition to the standardized rules mentioned above, the Ironheart Crown exercises its right to enforce additional regulations in order to further ensure the safety of the fighters participating in our events. The Ironheart Crown must also comply with requirements established by the American Fight League (AFL) which has a number of its own stipulations. Generally speaking, the Ironheart Crown is more conservative, and therefore safer than other similar events.